Paintgallery uses only high-quality materials, which guarantee optimal presentation and long-lasting durability.
  • Artist's handmade paper Passepartout

    Artist's handmade paper

    The fine art paper used are selected handmade papers, which have been specially developed for high-qualty reproductions of works of art. The coated artist’s handmade paper, in different grammages, are free of optical brighteners, ph-neutral and lignin-free, therefore wood-free, to avoid yellowing of the material. The papers are finished with a special coating for piezo printing, in order to maintain a long-lasting art copy true to the beauty of the original.
  • Artist's canvas Passepartout

    Artist's canvas

    The artist’s canvas used is also a high-quality fine art material, made out of 100% pure, selected cotton with a natural white, finished surface. The surface of the artist’s canvas, in haptic and look cannot be distinguished an original painting canvas and is captivating with an extraordinary sharpness of image and colouring.
    Apart from the matt surface, Paintgallery offers the satin surface which gives the picture a soft glow, similar to freshly varnished original painting. The satin surface captivates with its brilliant look; but when hanging, attention should be paid to any possible reflecting light sources.
    With the artist’s canvas with varnish, the varnish is applied similarly to the original painting for the protection of the layers of colour. The varnish not only affords protection from outside influences e.g. humidity, smoke, dust etc. It also gives copied picture a gentle glow and an extraordinary depth of colour, which lends an art copy the authenticity of an original.