Passepartout and Lamination

  • Passepartout Passepartout


    Nowadays, a passe-partout serves to increase the value of a picture, used mainly for graphics and less for paintings. The passe-partout carton must be absolutely acid-free in order to absorb any acid evaporation from the wood frame and thereby protect the picture.
    Framings with a passe-partout must definitely be glazed. For technical reasons connected with dispatch, Paintgallery does not undertake the glazing of framings with passe-partout; a picture with a passe-partout is just fixed lightly in its frame in order to facilitate later, problem-free glazing.
  • Lamination

    Also when laminating, Paintgallery uses exclusively high-quality, acid-free 5 – 10mm strong laminates, which guarantee a long life for the art copy.