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Since 30 years Klauss Studios taking photos of high-quality art objects – paintings, graphics, porcelains, antique furnitures, sculptures, and jewlleries – for art catalogs and books or expertises for art-collectors and international museums. With the long-time experience in the pre-press of high-quality print objects of art books, Paintgallery sets the standard in the quality of fine-art piezo-prints of selected, unique art copies.

PaintGallery Kunstkopien Qualität

Printing technology

Find out more about the technique of Giclèe-prints, about the stability of our materials and about color management.


Find out more about the excellence of our materials artist hand-made-paper and artist canvas.


Find out more about the quality of our coated paperboards and our paperboards for lamination.


Find out more about our selection of real wood frames and many helpful informations.